Stabilizer Shop

PTA Machine For Hard Metal Stabilizer Shop

The Stabilizer Shop at Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in welding new and used down-hole drilling tools, including stabilizers, milling tools, hole openers, and many other milling and mud motor components. We offer various types of tungsten carbide dressing ranging from economy grade hard facing for soft formation drilling to premium grade hard facing for extreme drilling conditions and extended wear life. We also offer various types of big chip tungsten carbide to meet all of your milling requirements.

(1) Landis 30″ Grinder with 24″ Swing
(1) Summit Hollow Spindle Lathe, 12″ Spindle Bore, 120″ Bed, 39″ Swing Over
Bed Ways, and 29″ Swing Over Carriage
(1) Okuma 24″ Grinder
(1) Matrix Cylindrical OD Grinder, 12″ OD X 24″ Length Maximum Capacity
(1) Quick Tip Hardfacing System
(1) Deloro Stellite PTA Hardfacing System 400A
(1) Deloro Stellite PTA Hardfacing System SW 400A
(1) Master Model 42X24″ Split Level with 300 CFM Abrasive Seperator with Bag Dust Collector
(1) Miller 200 Amp Portable Gas Welding Machine
(1) Miller 250 Amp Welding Machine
(5) Miller 300 Amp Welding Machine
(3) Miller Wire Feeders


1018 Crushed Tungsten Carbide, Big Chip, TC610, Tuf Coate, Technogenia, TCI, Durum, Stick, MIG and TIG Capabilities, Numerous Set Ups for Hard Metal Dressing and Fabrication, Aluminum and Stainless Welding Facilities

Clyde Taylor
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